Interview With Frios Gourmet Pops Franchise Owner

Blake Daniel, Franchise Owner with Frios Gourmet Pops

Blake Daniel, a Frios Gourmet Pops franchise owner based in the Fort Worth/Tyler, Texas area, started franchising with the company in fall 2020. Check out the interview below, where Daniel weighs in on how being in business for yourself compares to a corporate job, the work/life balance of being a franchise owner, and the rewards of being a Happiness Hustler.

What did you do before franchising with Frios Gourmet Pops?

I had been the supervisor of a hospitality team. We took reservations for high-end hotels. Before that, I was an account manager. Before that, I’ve been many things. That’s kind of the reason I went into franchising. There were many layoffs, and I’d applied for jobs before where I walked out of the interview, feeling like I had it, then it went to a young college graduate. I had to find something to do on my own. I got on the computer, and I found Frios. The franchise coordinator called me back within about 15 minutes. She was super-high energy and happened to own a franchise not five miles from me. So I went down, tried a pop, and just fell in love with it.

What’s a typical day or week look like when you’re busy?

There’s not a typical day for us over here. There are a lot of festivals in East Texas. In all the little communities, you’ll have something like a strawberry festival or tomato festival. There are a lot of those going on over the weekends. Earlier days of the week are slower, so we’ll go park somewhere like a doctor’s office, or somewhere that will treat their employees to a pop for customer appreciation. Sometimes we can just set up alongside the street, and people will stop on the way home from school. We just try to market it all.

frios gourmet pops franchise owner

What is the work/life balance like with Frios?

It’s pretty heavy work, but we’re still so much in a startup place. Last year, it was 50-60 hours a week. But my wife and I are in this business together, and we’re very fortunate. Mondays are pretty slow, so most of the time we’ll take Monday off, and occasionally take a weekend off. It’s just you – but you’re your own boss, so if you need time off, you take time off. And you can always hire employees, which is the plan next year.

Has the franchise met your expectations and been an overall positive experience?

To me, it’s been 100% a positive experience. Having been part of a good franchising system, I can see where we’re going with it, and it’s always progressing forward. The franchise team will call us up and ask our opinion on things, and you may not always get what you want, but you can tell they’re listening to the franchisees and trying to meet the majority’s expectations.

Why do you think popsicles is a great industry to be in?

It’s mostly natural ingredients and natural sugars. Compared with lots of ice cream bars, they’re pretty low on calories, and people like that. Our strawberry mango pop, which is my favorite, is made with real mangoes and real strawberries. People look at the ingredients, and there’s not much to it – it’s a straight-up fruit pop, and it’s good. And for the franchisee, this is a nice, low-overhead business. It’s a really lean business with a good margin.

Do you have any advice for future Frios franchise owners?

If you’ve ever wanted to be in business for yourself, this is one of the most fun businesses you can run with daily rewards. If you’re driving through the neighborhood, it’s so much fun to watch some kids start jumping up and down. And even the adults – when they bite into a pop and you see the look on their face, you know that it’s not an ordinary pop. That smile is our reward. You know they call us Happiness Hustlers? It’s a pretty good analogy, because we’re dishing out happiness.

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Interview with Frios Gourmet Pops CEO

Frios Gourmet Pops CEO Discusses Frios Opportunity

From its humble beginnings in a tiny garage to revolutionary mobile franchise, Frios Gourmet Pops has come a long way to become the brand it is today. In this interview, franchise CEO Cliff Kennedy offers a look at what Frios Gourmet Pops is all about, including why people love the Frios brand, what it takes to be a franchisee, and the popsicle that changed the course of his life.

frios gourmet pops ceo truck

How did you start your journey with the Frios Gourmet Pops industry?

Everyone has a weird story of how they fell into business with a franchise. Mine was just being super annoyed with traffic on my way home every day. On my route, I always noticed a lot of happy people outside a Frios Gourmet Pops. So one day, I stopped. I’ll never forget the moment I ordered a key lime pop, and it was just an experience like I’ve never had with a food product. The skies opened up, colors got more vibrant, the birds started singing, and there was a smile on my face.

As I got stuck in traffic every day, I kept trying more and more flavors, and over the course of several months, I became a franchisee. From there, I quickly realized it was a great product, but there was no infrastructure or support. Franchisees were on an island, so I took over as franchisor of the company in December of 2018. I’ve been there ever since.

Can you describe the Frios Gourmet Pops concept?

One of the modalities of how we sell Frios is just driving through neighborhoods, getting the brand out there. Because we sell a prepackaged product, we have a simpler platform than what some of our competitors have that operate out of food trucks. They have complex machinery, they have to make the product right there, and we don’t have complex machinery or food loss associated with our concept. We also have the ability to wholesale, which is a beautiful aspect to our business.

What is the Frios Sweet Ride?

We used to be a brick and mortar store, and then, during the pandemic, we realized we have to go to the people, we have to get out into the neighborhoods, and we have to go to corporate events. So Frios became a mobile franchise. I wanted a design for the vans that stood out; something that was fun and resonated with who we are. That was how the Sweet Ride came about.

Why is a Frios pop described as “happiness on a stick”?

Usually in my office here, I can hear music pounding through the walls, because our production team is jamming out, making popsicles by hand. They’re passionate about it. It’s an incredible team, and that’s why we have a great product and great flavors. I also recently lost a serious game of paper-rock-scissors to my seven-year-old son, so I had to make a blue raspberry flavor, and thank God we did, because it was our number three pop sold this year.

In this business, you know you’re going to put a smile on someone’s face and make them forget about the stress of life. That’s what I love about it. There was a pivotal moment for me when I had a 90-year-old neighbor, Miss Ruth, who told me that the pops I gave her for her birthday made her feel like a kid again – at 90 years old! Her words left a lasting legacy that helped shape our strategy and vision. That’s the feeling we need to promote.

I think we’re also well positioned to weather things like recessions or whatever it might be, because we have a product that everyone just loves that can add a little bit of happiness to their lives.

What are you looking for as an ideal franchise partner?

We’re looking for people with a sales background, and we’re an event-based business, so you need to be comfortable being an extrovert and involved in your community. You’ve got to be a sales warrior, because there’s competition out there. If you’re able to do that, you can be wildly successful.

Frios Gourmet Pops can be a great side hustle, but what about the full time business scaler?

You can scale this business however you want. We have people buying their second and third vans, looking at multiple territories. We just got a new territory mapping system that is incredible, so now we’re really dialed into what a successful territory looks like based on certain demographics. So our systems and processes are improving as well.

Where are you looking to expand?

We’re looking at the southeast a lot, in places like Miami, Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Galveston – all those southern states and areas.

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Frios Franchise Review: Meet the Penns

The Penns in Keller & Denton, Texas

Another husband-and-wife duo, Robert and Lauren Penn, serve up smiles and sticky fingers in the North Dallas-Fort Worth area. Lauren researched the Frios franchise after first tasting one of our pops while on a family vacation in Alabama. The flexibility of the business and quality product drew both her and her husband to sign on, and they’ve loved interacting with customers since they joined the Frios family in 2018. At that time the Penn’s opened a small shop with a drive-thru in Denton, which they lovingly call the “Frios Pop Shack.” They’ve grown beyond their beloved “pop shack” and become multi-unit owners with two vans, nelson carts, and wholesale accounts. To support their expansion, the Penns have brought on a team of people that are just as passionate as them. The couple’s daughters also enjoy being a part of the family business and with the addition of their mobile Sweet Ride, the Penn family is able to share even more tasty frozen treats with the Denton and Keller communities.

Frios Franchise Review: Meet the Romingers

The Romingers in The Triad, North Carolina

Joining the Frios family in 2020, Caitlyn and Travis Rominger started making pop deliveries in their mobile Frios Gourmet Pops truck in February of 2021. Travis has been a self-employed business owner for over 20 years, while his daughter Caitlyn is a part-time elementary school music teacher. The father-daughter pair are active members of their community and when they’re not serving up smiles on a stick, they are attending church services and donating to local ministries. Caitlyn was especially inspired to join the Frios family after graduating college in 2021 because she wanted a meaningful business endeavor that she could make her own. With Travis guiding his daughter on business ownership practices and his wife maintaining bookkeeping, Caitlyn focuses on securing events and running the Sweet Ride. The Romingers are proud to create happiness and excitement with their business and are glad that the mobile franchise they chose allows them to have more family time.

All our franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds, but when they first meet Frios, they all have one thing in common: the desire to slow down, be their own boss, and have flexible work hours that allow for more time to be spent with their family members. If you’re interested in pursuing a concept that checks off all the boxes, Frios could be the simple franchise you’ve been searching for. Fill out our inquiry form to get started and a member of our franchise team will get in contact with you to discuss the next steps to becoming a Happiness Hustler.

Frios Franchise Review: Meet the Birkheads From Tampa

Franchising with Frios doesn’t just mean putting your business goals into action, it means joining a family of Happiness Hustlers that bring joy to our fans across the nation, one pop at a time. Our franchisees are an extension of our brand, exemplifying what it means to dream big and act even bigger. To celebrate our hard-working franchise owners, we want to recognize a few in our system that make the most out of our refreshing franchise opportunity.

The Birkheads in Tampa, Florida

Joe and Lisa Birkhead along with their two children, Joelisa and Joe, are the Happiness Hustlers behind a Frios Sweet Ride in Apollo Beach, Florida. After serving in the armed forces together for 16 years, Joe and Lisa were searching for a business prospect that would allow them to proudly retire from the military and spend more time with their kids. Along came the Frios franchise opportunity that allowed the husband-and-wife team to not only dedicate more time to their kids, but also to teach them interpersonal skills through their family-ran mobile business. What ultimately made the Birkheads choose Frios as their franchise fit? Joe explained that the Frios franchise “was one of the few to embody a core value of family—not only saying it, but showing it.” The Birkhead’s veteran-owned business puts their family-first approach into practice and we’re thrilled that our concept has enabled them to do so.

why Frozen Dessert Brands Flourish in the Franchise Industry

The food service industry can raise many questions for franchisors, such as:

How do I maintain a quality product?

How can I make operations simple and efficient?

Where should I source ingredients?

With so many moving parts to creating a seamless guest experience, the dessert space can seem much more enticing for business owners. Dessert is not tied to a specific time of the day like other menu items, and frozen desserts offer even more flexibility as they maintain longer shelf life compared to other food types. The Frios franchise occupies a spot in this niche industry that is trending upward. Below are a few reasons frozen dessert brands like ours flourish in the franchise industry.

Frozen Dessert Market Size Rising

According to recent research, the U.S. frozen dessert market size was valued at $30.95 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a rate of 4.6% from 2022 to 2030. In addition to convenience playing a significant role in consumer decision-making, novelty flavors in the restaurant industry have also been on the rise. Frios offers a variety of unique signature flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake, Cotton Candy and Root Beer Float. Our seasonal pops are especially innovative and include hits like Strawberry Mojito, Peppermint White Mocha, and Sour Apple. Frios further caters to our consumer base by offering allergen-friendly, dye-free, and vegan options. With various choices offered to Frios fans, our brand is ready to grow with the ever-changing market demand.

Indulgence & Nostalgia

Covid pushed people to slow down and indulge in things they may have not previously allowed themselves. Sweet treats like ice cream and popsicles allowed people a moment of pause to appreciate the good things in life, something very near and dear to us at Frios. During this time, we moved to a fully mobile concept, and our Sweet Rides allowed us to reach even more communities. The pandemic proved that frozen dessert and ice cream franchises are still desired, even with health consciousness and seasonality peaks. The NDP Group, a research firm based in Chicago, examined seasonal ice cream purchasing habits and found that even in typically slower winter months, there was an increase in frozen dessert purchasing as people wanted a treat for their “stay-in” nights. With Frios’ pops, franchisees can spread those moments of joy and nostalgia to every community member at any time.

Minimal Inventory & No Kitchen

For Frios franchisees, popsicle ordering is done by demand, so your inventory never exceeds what you are able to sell. Restaurant franchises typically have to deal with hardware hassle when fryers, ovens and other machinery are required, but with a mobile dessert franchise like Frios, there is no food preparation necessary. Frios pops are pre-packaged items that are manufactured and shipped from our Happiness Headquarters in Mobile, Alabama. Frios franchisees only need a Sweet Ride truck, a freezer and the passion to work toward their business ownership goals.


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