Frios Gourmet Pops Franchise FAQ

Answers to Frios Gourmet Pops Franchise FAQs

What does a truck cost?

The total investment cost to invest in a Frios Gourmet Pops Franchise starts at $40,925. The includes the franchise fees, equipment, initial inventory, and the down payment on the truck if you use a 3rd party business leasing company to get your new van. You can also purchase, lease, or finance a van locally, and the costs will vary.

Frios Pops Franchise FAQ

What is the Sweet Ride?

The Sweet Ride is what we call the mobile Frios van – the tie-dyed vehicle we use to cruise neighborhoods, sell pops on corners, and attend events. The Sweet Ride gives you the power to sell anywhere, anytime! It’s the modern-day take on the nostalgic ice cream truck. Unlike mass-produced frozen, sugary desserts, our pops are artisanal and handmade using fresh fruit and other ingredients that meet specific dietary restrictions. We carry flavors kids and adults love!

How In-depth are Training and Support?

Training starts when you first sign the franchise agreement, and it really never stops! We make the commitment to help you grow a fun and popular pops franchise in your community. Our team will help you identify events, teach you how to book them, help manage inventory, and teach you how to grow and scale your business so it achieves your entrepreneurial dreams. Beyond corporate support and training, we have an intense and passionate family of franchise owners who help support each other through ongoing round-table discussions. With Frios, you are a business owner, but you are not in business by yourself.

How much can I make?

Every franchisee has different financial goals, and we’ve developed several ways to train potential franchise owners to sell as many as your goals allow. You can sell at festivals, in neighborhoods, at birthday parties, at parks, and more! With a large markup, there is a lot of room to be creative with how you bring Frios Gourmet Pops to your community!

How much does a pop cost me?

Frios is a resale-based franchise. One Frios pops are priced to allow for great margins, and pops can typically retail for $4-6 each. Wholesaling pop prices to your local restaurants, bars, and food trucks allow room for everyone to profit. At some events, you can even charge a premium price per pop.

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Who can I sell to?

Anyone! With our range of flavors, including options for dairy, gluten, and vegan diets, everyone can enjoy a Frios pop! We’ve devised a variety of ways for you to fill your work week with creative ways to sell pops – from cruising neighborhoods in the afternoon, to festivals and birthday parties. You can even develop wholesale accounts in your community, such as coffee shops and concession stands, where you can have bulk inventory shipped from the Frios HQ to your client!

How large is a territory?

Our territories are typically a contiguous set of zip codes with about 200,000 in population. We look at a wide variety of factors to make sure we are setting you up to run a popular franchise operation, and we review this data with you in our discovery process!

Do I come to Mobile, AL for training?

Yes! We train all new franchise owners at our Headquarters in beautiful Mobile, AL, where we handcraft each pop! You undergo business training, get to work on the production line for a day, and go out to train on our own Sweet Rides. Training is fun, and expect to eat lots of pops!

What’s inside the van?

Our vans are simple – they have a freezer that holds pops and a drink cooler, so you can sell bottled water and other cold drinks. The convenient window allows you to sell pops straight from the van. You can also store a portable pop cart in your van that is even more flexible for local events.

How many pops does a van hold?

A standard Sweet Ride can hold up to 1200 pops! At $4 a pop, that’s $4800!

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What’s included in my franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee for a Frios Gourmet Pops franchise is $20,500. The franchisee fee is the licensing fee for you to operate a Frios Gourmet Pops franchise in your community, including initial training and ongoing support – everything you need to get started. For a breakdown of costs, see our Costs and Fees here.

Can I sell without a van?

We require at least one Sweet Ride in each location, however, you decide how best to get Frios pops to your community. You can sell straight out of your Sweet Ride at events or locally on public parking, using your pops cart, making pop drops, or wholesale selling.

How many employees do I need?

This depends on what size of business you want to grow. Frios is ready to support the single truck solo first time business owner and the multi unit franchisor ready to grow a Frios empire. Our franchise team will work with you in training to build a plan to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

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