Where Can I Sell Pops?

The Opportunities are Limitless

Welcome to the exciting world of Frios Gourmet Pops, where our passion for creating handmade and unique gourmet pops is matched only by our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs like you to achieve business growth. We’re delighted to share with you the incredible opportunities that await when you join our ever-growing Frios family!

With an innovative product lineup, a proven business model, and a rapidly expanding market, Frios Gourmet Pops is the perfect choice for anyone looking to tap into the booming frozen dessert industry. As a Frios franchise owner, you’ll enjoy a wealth of opportunities to sell our cravable pops in a variety of settings.

Here are some common ways we sell pops, and what makes our mobile Sweet Ride such a versatile business to own:

frios gourmet popsicles

Neighborhood Drives

In between events and have time to kill? Before Door Dash and Uber Eats, there was the old-fashioned ice cream truck! A van that was full of sweetness that slowly rolled through neighborhoods, parked at busy intersections, or cruised public parks. Our Sweet Ride is the modern version of the classic ice cream truck! Our vans are equipped with cool tie-dye wraps, colorful LED lighting, and a kicking sound system! Unlike an ice cream truck, we are stocked with handmade, artisinal pops with a wide variety of flavors that appeal to all ages. The kids might want blue raspberry, but the adults will crave our key lime pie, caramel cheesecake, or even our dairy free, gluten free, or vegan options! Some will even buy enough to stock their freezer!

frios gourmet pops

Pop Drop

Frios offers friendly neighborhood drop off bundles, or porch pop-drops. Customers can order bulk quality pops for their home or office delivery, and we drop them off at their doorstep! You can take orders from the website, via email or text, and even run Facebook ads to get orders. People love our pops, and once they have a favorite flavor – like our CEO Cliff Kennedy’s Key Lime pie – it isn’t uncommon for someone to stock their freezer with a dozen or two! In the age of Instacart, Frios meets the demand in a way that works for our communities.

Festivals, Events, and Corporate Parties

Festivals are KING! If you want to be the most popular food item at a festival, especially in the warmer months, secure spots at local or regional festivals! Part of the way we create territories involves mapping out large festivals. We also have training on how to secure festivals and how to handle festival logistics. Our support team can help you decide how to make the most out of your pops and price correctly per event to maximize profit potential. During a busy festival, you could be slammed and do as much as a couple of weeks’ worth of sales in a single day. Every festival is different!

This applies to more than just festivals. We also do local events like weekend soccer tournaments, Friday night football games, college events, Greek parties at colleges, and a wide range of corporate events. For these events, the Sweet Ride or cart model works best.

As you grow, you might have staff and equipment or vehicles you dedicate to corporate events, festivals, and corporate gifting!

Birthday Parties

What’s an amazing way to sell 100-200 pops at a time? Book a Fios Birthday Party! Parents and kids alike love having free pops at a party, and dropping off a cooler stocked with crowd favorite flavors is a great way to stay busy year-round. Pops are a great alternative or addition to cake, and we even carry Birthday Cake flavored pops!

Frios does more than just birthday parties! Bridal parties, baby showers, gender reveal parties, engagement parties and weddings, retirement parties, anniversaries, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs – the opportunities to provide delicious pops are endless!

Street parking

Looking for a way to capitalize on heavy foot traffic? Simply park your Sweet Ride in an approved location and open up shop! Setup at a busy intersection, on public parking, if your community allows, near parks or open air shopping centers. On a warm day, especially in the afternoon, who doesn’t want a sweet treat?


With Frios Gourmet Pops, you have the ability to create your own wholesale accounts in places like country clubs, coffee shops, concession stands, other food trucks, and restaurants. These wholesale accounts might purchase from you in bulk at $2 or $2.50 a pop and sell for $5, so everyone makes money! Best of all, these accounts purchase from you, but don’t pull from your inventory. You place a direct ship order from our Frios kitchens in our Headquarters in Mobile, AL, and we ship to them in a cooler, making it hands-free for you! You can set pricing and minimums as needed. Start thinking about the options to hustle your happiness on a stick, and you might be surprised!

frios gourmet popsicles

Become a Happiness Hustler Today

We designed Frios Gourmet Pops to be a flexible and nimble business that allows you the freedom to set the schedule you want, be as creative as you want, and to hustle as much as you want. Who doesn’t want to have fun, spread joy, and make money? To start your journey towards becoming a Frios franchise owner today, fill out our form here and start a conversation!

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