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top 3 reasons why the frios Sweet Ride franchise is an awesome side hustle

frios pops sweet ride franchise

what is a side hustle?

if you could choose just one thing in the world to have an unlimited supply of, what would it be? did you answer money, income, or financial stability? power is probably a popular choice to some, but we’ll save that topic for another discussion. you may have heard the sayings “money makes the world go ’round” or “cash is king” before. while these sayings may be cliches, they are undeniably true. as humans, we are always trying to find a way to make another dollar. a popular way to do this is to find time for an extra job that is not as strenuous as your day job, that you can operate on the side. possibly this is a hobby that you have discovered a way to monetize. if you are determined enough to do this, then you have yourself a side hustle. by definition, a side hustle is a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one’s regular job and main source of income.

franchising: a great way to side hustle

so you’ve decided that you’re going to take the next step and fill in your free time with a side hustle. excellent idea! you will soon enjoy the benefits of having an extra source of income. now you must decide what exactly that side hustle is going to be. a new business? uber? doordash? finally taking that hobby of yours to the next level? many people that have decided to take the leap just like you, have found themselves researching franchise opportunities and the benefits they provide to interested investors. franchise businesses have countless benefits for the potential franchisee including business support and assistance, brand recognition, lower failure rate, lower risk, existing customer base, and you still get to be your own boss as if you were to start your own business. that side hustle just keeps sounding better and better, doesn’t it?

top 3 reasons why the frios Sweet Ride franchise is an awesome side hustle

the great thing about the frios Sweet Ride franchise opportunity is that it encapsulates all of the benefits other franchise opportunities pose as well as has a few unique benefits of its own. most franchise opportunities that you will come across will require steep franchise fees and start-up costs. not the frios Sweet Ride franchise. start-up costs for the frios Sweet Ride franchise are surprisingly affordable. you can almost boil it down to purchasing a really cool, customized vehicle. which brings us to our second reason why our franchise opportunity is a great side hustle. our franchise model is strictly mobile by way of our groovy, tie-dye frios Sweet Rides. these things are so cool you have to see them to believe them. imagine the old-school ice cream van, but is much less creepy and has a much superior product. can you guess what reason number three is? you are right! the nature of the frios Sweet Ride franchise is to make people happy and we do that by delivering the world’s best popsicles to people of all ages and to communities of all kinds! there is no better feeling than putting a smile on someone’s face or making someone happy. change our minds!

if this has convinced you to the next step and find a franchise for your side hustle, check out our franchise info site for more information on the frios Sweet Ride franchise opportunity! we are currently looking for new Happiness Hustlers™ in various prime territory locations.