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Mobile Popsicle Franchise Sets Sights on Spreading Happiness Across The Nation

two kids enjoying frios pops
April 09, 2021
By Frios Gourmet Pops
Frios Gourmet Pops – a mobile franchise system that sells happiness for a living, essentially the modern version of the ice cream man, but gourmet. Frios is not a food company, rather a brand that sells a prepackaged, delicious product with a variety of flavors. At the end of the day, however, Frios sells happiness and popsicles bring everyone back to their fondest childhood memories. The brand is excelling upward and onward from 2020 into 2021 and beyond, with three awards under its belt: Entrepreneur Top in Category, Top 500, Top under 150k. The demand for a reminiscent treat that everyone can enjoy and a franchise concept so simple, Frios has attracted eager customers and prospective franchisees alike.
“When I first tried Frios it really took me back to another time. I felt giddy. I felt like a kid again. Ever since then, I wanted to instill that same happiness I took away from my experience and give it back to the Detroit community,” said Hudson. “I can’t wait to join the Frios Family and I believe that the people will love the brand, it’s something nobody in our area has seen before.”
Frios prides itself on having an array of flavors available per month that can satisfy any cravings and dietary restrictions or preferences. Frios Gourmet Pops are guilt-free, with either the signature or carousel pop options, there are also many types of pops: creamy, fruity, no sugar added, gluten-free, dye-free, and vegan. For those concerned about allergies, there are also nut-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and dairy-free pops. Some flavors include Cookies N’ Cream, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Mango, and Birthday Cake.
“Seeing the brand become what it is today is so rewarding. Previously being a franchisee turned franchisor, I am able to share my passions through everything I do at a larger scale,” said CEO Cliff Kennedy. “I believe wholeheartedly that this franchise system will continue to propel towards our goals for the future as we progress throughout 2021.”
Frios Gourmet Pops emphasizes innovation that propels them into future trends. As a result of the pandemic, people are more comfortable with less contact and prefer convenience over anything. The brand is able to meet those consumer needs by their existing mobile vans that franchisees are encouraged to invest in. The vans help franchisees operate their businesses seamlessly- the van is a walking billboard that is wrapped in tie-dye, LED lights, and always has the music blasting. It embodies happiness- if it says “Frios,” it’s fun.
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