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Join a Sweet Franchise Built on Inclusivity & Flexibility

Sweet Ride

Finding the right franchise to invest in can be a big decision. To stand out from the competition, the Frios franchise opportunity offers partners a lower-cost initial investment, flexible mobile concept and a simple operations model. Most importantly, the Frios culture is built on genuine kindness, inclusivity and spreading joy, which is instilled in everything we do, from the leadership of our executive team to the communities we serve. All of these aspects are reasons why aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds find their franchise fit with Frios.

Here are a few additional ways in which our frozen dessert franchise model offers a sweeter investment than the rest!


Selling Happiness on a Stick

The culture of Frios is one built on inclusion and empowerment. We aim to lift people up not only through the taste of our delicious pops, but through the experience our treats elicit. Remember the feeling of being a kid without a care in the world? Our Happiness Hustlers, the term we’ve coined for our franchise owners, sell that very feeling to community members across the country, spreading joy and happiness from their very own Frios Sweet Rides.


Making a Difference in U.S. Communities

Our mobile franchise owners take our mission to heart and give back to others, extending care and generosity to those who might need the extra support. Leesa Wolf, Happiness Hustler in the Fort Worth, Texas area continues to bring smiles to the communities she serves. Recently, Leesa spread happiness to graduate nursing students at Texas Wesleyan University. As a nurse herself, Leesa understands the long hours and hard work nursing students put into their studies, and was happy to provide a moment of pause in their busy day by offering up free Frios pops. Another franchise owner who recently paid it forward is Sonya Matthews. As one of our Georgia-based Happiness Hustlers, Sonya received sponsorship in honor of Juneteenth and was able to offer half-off pops, showcasing support of black-owned businesses.

Alongside our Happiness Hustlers, compassion and goodwill are values constantly upheld by our experienced leadership team. Frios President, Patti Rother, was recently recognized by Franchise Times for voicing the importance of brands implementing authentic inclusion initiatives into their workforce and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion through honest actions rather than performative measures.


Simplicity in Franchising

Along with our warmhearted approach, the Frios franchise opportunity is one of true simplicity. The only items our franchise owners need for our mobile popsicle truck business are pre-packaged pops that can be easily ordered and received within two days, a freezer and a truck. The mobility of our Sweet Rides and nelson carts make space for even more flexibility. Lauren and Robert Penn are Happiness Hustlers who transitioned to our fully mobile franchise model allowing them to serve at events onsite and bring the unique Frios experience to schools, nonprofits, games, birthday parties and more. After realizing profound success as Frios franchise owners, the Penns acquired additional Texas territories, serving Keller, Southlake, Roanoke, Argyle, Trophy Club and Westlake.


At Frios, we believe that everyone deserves to feel joy, nostalgia and happiness. We love what we do and aim to have our franchise owners love it too by providing a straightforward model that delivers results and a rewarding experience. If you are just as driven by compassion and entrepreneurship as we are, our mobile franchise opportunity could be right for you. Fill out our inquiry form to get started.