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Is frios a popsicle franchise?

The Penn family of Frios Pops Denton, Texas smiling in front of their tie-dye Frios Pops Van
By frios gourmet pops
February 19, 2022

a popsicle franchise

Franchising had an exceptional year in 2021, and 2022 looks to be another strong year of recovery, according to International Franchise Association. Bolstered by both the strengthening labor market and steady consumer spending, franchising is expected to continue to expand, trending upwards with the United States’ overall economic progression. one franchise that is in line with this outlook is frios gourmet pops. frios is a franchise business headquartered in Mobile, AL, and is product-based with various locations throughout the Southeast. More specifically, frios is a popsicle franchise that sells, markets, and distributes popsicles to all of its franchisees in the US. The pops are manufactured in frios gourmet pops’ own facility, where they use many different ingredients and flavors to make the world’s best pops.

more than a popsicle franchise

While popsicles may be the physical, tangible product that we sell, frios is more than just a popsicle franchise. Think of frios more as an experience than just a frozen dessert. When is the last time you had a product or service that made you stop and devote 100% of your attention and thought towards it? Something so extraordinary that you have never forgotten it? Maybe it was something that made you completely forget about the fender bender from this morning that has been clouding your entire day. It could have been something that made you all warm and fuzzy inside and made you feel like a kid again. Well, if you ever have a frios pop, you may experience feelings such as these. Yes, the frios franchise sells the world’s most delicious popsicle, but with that popsicle comes something magical. This magic takes you to your happy place and it takes away all of your worries for a brief moment in time.
A product this magical requires something just as magical to deliver it to your drooling mouth. That magical vehicle would be a frios Sweet Ride. The frios Sweet Ride is our spin on the old ice cream vans of your childhood, except tie-dye and totally less creepy. So, altogether, the frios franchise is a happiness-filled popsicle, mobile franchise.

are you ready to invest in a frios mobile franchise?


If you are looking for the next big franchise to invest in, consider the frios mobile franchise that operates in groovy tie-dye, Sweet Rides. Not only is our franchise groovy with a cool, tie-dye popsicle van, but our franchise has also been recognized for many other reasons including but not limited to:
  • low startup costs
  • prime available territories
  • ease of operation
  • fixed royalties
  • multiple streams of revenue
Check out our franchise website for more information about our mobile franchise. We are currently recruiting Happiness Hustlers for many different markets. Find a territory near you today!