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How Erin & Ben Napier Really Felt About Wetumpka, Alabama

be and erin napier of home town hgtv
August 17, 2021
As fans are aware, Ben Napier and his wife Erin improved Wetumpka, Alabama with a series of renovations for the show “Home Town Takeover.” The couple discussed their experience filming the “Home Town” spinoff series and revealed how they really felt about Wetumpka during a July interview on the “Biscuits & Jam” podcast.
During the “Biscuits & Jam” interview, Ben shared that HGTV chose Wetumpka, Alabama out of thousands of towns for “Home Town Takeover” for a few reasons. Erin noted that the network recognized that Wetumpka had the typical characteristics of a small town, like “being bypassed by bigger roads that go to bigger cities” and “the loss of young people.” She shared on top of that “a tornado hit Wetumpka and wiped out half the town,” meaning that the residents could use their expertise. The couple went on to say the network also picked a spot that was relatively easy for them to travel to, as they were shooting the fifth season of “Home Town” at the same time.
“It was supposed to be we finish one show, ‘Home Town Takeover,’ then we start ‘Home Town’ season 5 but because of COVID everything got wadded up at the end of the year,” explained Ben.
The father-of-two stated that they “went through a lot while [they] were in Wetumpka,” but the town’s residents were extremely helpful. Erin then noted that they were given food and “cow insemination gloves” to cover their daughter, Helen’s “cast so [they could] give her a bath,” following an accident that resulted in her breaking her leg. She also shared that the owners of Frios Gourmet Pops, Troy and Jenny Stubbs, provided their 3-year-old daughter with popsicles when she “got strep throat.”
“It just makes you feel loved, it makes you feel like they know us and care about us,” said Erin.
Ben then revealed that he and Erin “had such a good experience with the town that [they are] planning a family trip with [his] whole side of the family” there in the near future.
During a June 2021 interview on the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” podcast, hosted by “Property Brothers” star Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan, the Napiers also discussed the production of “Home Town Takeover.” Ben revealed that “when HGTV was first talking about this they said we’re going to renovate an entire town.” He explained he felt the task would be “impossible because it is.” He then stated that to make the renovations as effective as possible, they “sought out the people who are already doing good things” in Wetumpka.
“We found the 12 nerve centers that we knew would make the biggest impact once we left because we knew we wouldn’t be there forever. And it’s important to teach a man to fish versus give a man a fish, so to speak. So by helping the people who are doing so much volunteerism and who were already so invested in Wetumpka, we felt like that would be the best way to have a meaningful impact,” shared Erin.
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