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frios pops gives back

frios pops gives back

you know the feeling you get when you see the smile on someone’s face as a result of something you did for them? the feeling is tremendous, yet indescribable at the same time. one way to experience this feeling is to give. we all know giving someone a gift is better and more fulfilling than receiving one. don’t lie, you know it’s true! just think about how excited your mother was when you gave her that macaroni necklace for her birthday! she probably still has it hanging on the fridge at home and shows it off every time Blanche comes over for their weekly game of Mahjong (i know we all want to hear about Blanche’s epic Mahjong streak, but that’s another blog).

much like you giving the macaroni necklace to your mom, frios is all about giving to the others in their communities. one of our core values is community and inclusivity, so it only makes sense for us to be this way! giving back to our communities just so happens to be our favorite thing to do and when we provide those people with our delicious pops, happiness is inevitable. we love people, and we love people who love people. we provide great opportunities not only for our franchisees but for people-loving people and fellow community members to give back to each other as well. each and every time someone takes a bite of a frios pop, their eyes light up and they cannot hold back their genuine smiles and elation.

frios’ strong commitment to donating and giving back to our local communities is supported by some of our close friends. we like to partner with organizations that align with our mission and goals and give people the gift of happiness. sometimes that may be the local Boys & Girls Club or YMCA. kids are a big part of why we do what we do, so these two partners are no-brainers. we also love praising our frontline workers and our teachers in the classroom. we’ve even surprised a group of teachers as they prepared for their summer ahead!

the frios franchise allows our franchisees to be the best people they can be by making others happy and spreading joy in their neighborhoods. frios franchisees are trained on our core values, especially that of community and inclusivity, and it is amazing and fun to watch our bunch of Happiness Hustlers™ get out in their communities and make it rain with happiness and smiles!

if you are interested in partnering with frios pops to give back to your community or you just want to brighten someone’s day, check out our locations page and find a frios nearest you.

interested in becoming a Happiness Hustler™ and bringing the frios magic to your town? check out the rest of our franchise information site and contact us today!