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Frios King Cake Pops

Frios Gourmet Pops King Cake Pop Mardi Gras
By Chelsea Sayasane
Jan 19, 2021
Although Mardi Gras will be different this year, our friends at Frios are bringing the flavor! The King Cake Pop is back and a it has a lot of people excited on the Gulf Coast. Their current flavors are: King Cake, Peanut Butter Pop with Tagalongs, Caramel Pop with Samoa’s, Chocolate Pop with Thin Mints, and Chocolate Strawberry.
You can shop by going to the Frios Gourmet Pops – Mobile/ Springhill Facebook Page and click the Buy Now button. Frios signature tie dye van can be seen around town. If you are interested in having Frios attend a special event or fundraiser, you can contact Kirsten Loper at
Frios Schedule (Jan 19 & 21)
-Tuesday 12pm until 4pm: The Pact (5025 Hillcrest Road Mobile, Al 36609).
-Thursday 12pm until 4pm: Hicks & McMurphy (9751 Airport Blvd. Mobile, AL 36608)